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Hello Everyone, I'm finally on OnlyFans and 100% Age 39 Verified!
I officially started my OnlyFans Page February 2, 2021 and I'm having a wonderful time creating photo and video content for my subscribers.
Click the link and subscribe to my page: 
~ I'm providing a 30 day Promotional Campaign at 50% Off a month subscription for new/expired fans and subscribers. This Promotion expires November 1, 2021 and there are only 20 subscription spots available and will continue until the end of 2021????????
~ My current Subcribers as of September 1, 2021 and October 1, 2021 will all receive 50% Off their next month subscription as a thank you!!????
~ All my subscribers will receive 50% Off their next months November 1st and December 1st subscription as my birthday is November 11th so this is My birthday gift to my subscribers and for December this is my Christmas and/or holiday gift ????!~
????To my Subscribers, If you'd like to send me a birthday gift, Christmas/holiday gift or a gift just to show your appreciation my subscribers can send me a Free PM through my page Only for my Private WishLists????
~ **NEW** Currently I have a very Fun and Exciting Special Draw to kick off the New Year! From September 24, 2021 until December 26, 2021 Two of my Subscribers can enter as many times as they like to win a 1 month free subscription, participation is required to be entered! In January 2022 near the 2 Winners renewal date I will go into their accounts before their renewal date and change the next month to FREE!!????  I will be doing the draw via Live Stream and each person will be given a separate 6 character code per entry 2 days prior for privacy and discretion as I will be doing the draw LIVE on December 29, 2021 at 10:00p.m.(AST)!!????????
~ New Virtual Services including one-on-one video chats and Exclusive Custom Pictures and Videos or a selection of pre-recorded content available for sale and so much more....????????
~ Monthly subscriptions are always available along with 3 bundle packages (3 months, 6 months and 12 months) 
~On August 25, 2021 I offered 4 of my Twitter followers a free 7 day trial to my OnlyFans Page and they will have the opportunity to subscribe to my 50% off Promotional Campaign when their free trial ends and possibly become a loyal fan/subscriber and then I felt more generous and offered a few more free 7day trials!!
My Subscription Competition for a 6 and 12 month free subscription for all who were subscribed by March 6, 2021. That was held March 7, 2021 and the video of the draw is posted on my page.????????
Subscription bundles are always available and monthly subscriptions as well, naughty fundraisers, my first Live Stream was March 7, 2021 and is also posted on my page and I have lots of fun things starting and so much more on the way, so click the link and join me on this awesome adventure and the ideas for my content that I will be sharing is going to be something you won't want miss!
I post photo and/or video content almost daily and sometimes 2-3 times a day when possible! 
I will be posting a pre-recorded video weekly that will be erotic, fun and ultra sexy!!
Please DO NOT contact me on my OnlyFans Page regarding booking an appointment with me Ever as OnlyFans has nothing to do with my Companionship business and entirely separate so please respect me and my boundaries to not discuss my Companionship Business on my OnlyFans Page. Thank You! 
Kisses and Huge Hugs,
Lexy Grace????